Elementary School's January Word of the Month



Discovering something new so you can be better at whatever you do.

FAMILIES: emphasize the monthly "big idea" value that your child is learning in school.

These simple ideas help you and your child: SAY, KNOW, SEE, and especially BE KNOWLEDGEABLE this month.

Start by watching, together, this fun show all about KNOWLEDGE, brought to us by The Big Idea Experience team.

Then follow up each week with these easy ways to

SAY, KNOW, SEE, and BE it!

Your kids love Artie? Scroll down for a new video adventure!


Knowledge is learning something new so you can be better at whatever you do.


Ask a kid:

* What is your favorite activity (sport, hobby, etc.)?

* What subject in school might help you get better at that activity?

What way do you learn best:

  • By hearing about things?
  • By reading about things?
  • By trying things yourself?

Ask a grown up:

  • What subject did you learn in school that you use a lot in your adult life?
  • How do you learn new things now?
  • What is something new you learned recently?

Most children's sitcoms have a "moral" or lesson that they teach throughout the episode. The next time you watch a show together, try to guess what they writers want you to learn by watching this episode. As a family, decide which characters learned the lesson, and which ones didn't. Also, ask each other how you could each apply that lesson to your own lives.


Have each family member choose something simple they can teach others (how to braid hair, a few words in another language, how to dribble a soccer ball, etc.). Take turns teaching and learning something new as a family.


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Our friends at THE BIG IDEA EXPERIENCE team produce three fun shows each month for your family! This playlist on our YouTube Channel houses them for you!


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