Jackson-Milton students take a walk through the realities of making dangerous decisions Review Newspaper Article

Jackson-Milton students take a walk through the realities of making dangerous decisions
The Review Newspaper Article

Junior, Journey Morris winning Elk & Elk contest. Contributed photo. The Jackson-Milton Junior class attended a very emo- tional and a very real event this past Tuesday at Hiram College. The None 4 Under 21 event focuses on teenage choices and decisions which have ended with tragic results and fatalities. The program is designed for high school students and creates real life situations and consequences in mock settings. None 4 Under 21 is a demonstration for high school students to show them the consequences of drunk driving, texting while driving, and the impact it has on the lives of the drivers, victims, and their families. The parking lot of Martin Fieldhouse was transformed into a realistic crash site, showing firefighters and EMS crews working to save the victims in the crash. The students then entered the fieldhouse where they listened to testimonials from three speakers. The first, Marc Stream, a father who lost his fourteen year old son in an alco- hol related crash. The second, an Ohio inmate serving a six year prison sentence for aggravated vehicular homicide. Finally they heard from Aaron Cooksey, who became an alcohol awareness speaker after killing his best friend in an alcohol related crash. Junior, Katie Matasy stated, “I always understood the dangers of drinking and driving but this was the first time that it really hit me from seeing people who were just like me make mistakes that changed their lives forever.” The students then took a walk that they will never for- get; “The Walk of Remembrance.” They walked down a narrow hallway and came face to face with eleven families who lost a loved one to an alcohol related crash. Junior, Tiffany Voland stated, “Seeing all of those parents made it so real, and seeing the pain that they still feel, no matter how long it has been, was really hard to do. It really makes you think that one decision you make can ruin an entire family.” As part of the event, Elk & Elk sponsored a contest that encouraged students to create a poster with a positive message related to the event. The winning school district would receive a check for $1,500 to be used for an alcohol free prom or graduation activities. The winner was Journey Morris, a Junior at Jackson-Milton, who is an aspiring art major. 

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