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John Zinger

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Dear Community Members:

The Board of Education has the obligation and desire to keep you updated and informed on the current financial condition of the District. The best way to accomplish this is by examining the five-year forecast. The five-year forecast is a State mandated forecast used by the Department of Education to determine if a school district is maintaining a positive cash balance especially within the first three years of projection. If a poor financial picture does exist, the State may step in to make corrective actions, or place the District in a fiscal caution status.

School finance can be very complicated and confusing. The taxpayers need to know where their hard-earned dollars are being spent. The Board is constantly seeking and implementing ways to save money and at the same time offer a suitable curriculum for the students. Open enrollment is just one example of the Board’s insight on bringing additional revenue in to the District keeping us from asking the taxpayer for additional dollars. Although we are definitely up to the task, trying to deal with these issues can be very daunting. Expenses for special education, transportation, and unfunded mandates imposed by the State and Federal government can be overwhelming at times. Many taxpayers do not realize such expenses exist but they have a major impact on our financial bottom line. At the same time we realize many taxpayers struggle to pay their tax bills. It is up to the Board to make sure your money is spent wisely and to meet educational goals.

Below is a link to the five-year forecast. The forecast must be updated frequently and can literally change dramatically overnight, but it does give the Board of Education some sense of financial direction for decision making. The financial notes are an integral part of the forecast and must be read to get a thorough overview of the whole financial picture.

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John Zinger


Five Year Forcast Link